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Terms & Conditions

I. Purchase contracts are concluded under the following conditions..

1. Reservation of proprietary rights and liability

Reservation of proprietary rights
  • The device remains the property of Rehabilitions-Systeme AG, 4665 Oftringen until the purchase price has been paid in full.
  • Equipment delivered for rental or testing shall always remain the property of Rehabilitions-Systeme AG.
  • If a lease or a delivery is converted to a trial (see Section 3), point 1 of this list applies.
  • A product trial is limited to a total duration of ten business days.

• Liability
  • If a vehicle, accessory, or spare part has not yet become the property of the interested party/tenant/buyer, he/she is liable for all damage caused by him/her or the destruction of the device (e.g. as a result of fire, theft, self-inflicted transport damage, repairs carried out by himself, improper use and storage,...) in the amount of the purchase price of the respective product.

2. Guarantee and scope of services for rent, leasing, purchase

• On new devices there is a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months from date of invoice. This includes the technically faultless function of the device, but not customary or production-related variances. Any repairs as a result of a manufacturing-related defect are free of charge.

• This does not apply to repairs and replacements resulting from wear and tear, improper use and handling (see operating instructions) or improper storage. They will be invoiced in full in the amount of the repair costs.

• During any repairs and / or maintenance work within the scope of the manufacturer's warranty and cyclical maintenance periods, a replacement device will be provided free of charge. This may differ in configuration and performance from that of the rental equipment.

• Repairs may only be carried out by Rehasys AG. Non-compliance will at least result in the loss of the warranty and/or liability claims against the manufacturer (product liability exclusion). See also section 1 Reservation of property rights and liability, point 5). 

3. Conversion and termination

• Conversion
At the end of a month, rental agrements can be:
  • Converted into a in einen leasing contract
    • Leasing contracts are assigned to FICAL Leasing AG.
    • After completion of the conversion, the more restrictive right of termination applies to leasing contracts.
  • Converted into a contract of sale.
    • The rent paid is offset against the purchase price as follows.
    • Up to three months' rent can be deducted from the purchase price of a new device.
    • Up to six rental payments can be taken into account when purchasing demonstration or rental equipment.
    • Only rents which have been fully paid can be deducted.

• Termination
  • A cancellation of this contract is possible within 14 days after signing without giving reasons.
  • Rental agreements can be terminated after expiry of the minimum rental period 14 days to the end of the respective month.
  • Lease agreements can be terminated prior to expiry of the contractual term for a charge back of 30% of the net purchase price. The fee is reduced by 10% per 12 months if the leasing instalments have been paid in full.
  • For rental contracts, surviving dependents have an extraordinary right of termination within the month in which a renter dies.
  • Notices of termination must always be in writing (post, e-mail, fax). Notices given verbally or by telephone shall only become effective if they have been confirmed by us in writing.
  • Verbal agreements shall become valid if they have been confirmed in writing by Rehabilitations-Systeme AG.
  • Contractual cases which are not regulated here are treated in accordance with the general provisions of Swiss civil law.
  • The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Rehabilitations-Systeme AG.